Friday, September 17, 2004


Knitting Hooky

I had honestly and quite innocently stepped out just to pick up a hamburger and mail a letter over lunch yesterday. But on the way to see a man about a Jumbo Jack, I had this completely impulsive and irrational thought: "Hey, why don't I just run over to The Fiber Factory today. Right now. I could be back before being seriously late from lunch." Unfortunately, there was no one around to provide the rebuttal to this proposal, so I went.

Oh, yummy, yummy yarns! The education in browsing the yarns was itself well worth the 40 mile roundtrip. I saw almost all of the yarns that were originally used for the projects that I want to do (the berroco suede, the noro multicolored wool...), and found some beautiful ones that gave me new ideas for Sara's pinafore, which I think may now include her favorite toy:

Mr. Fishy Fish Face (aka: Googly)

To be reimaged as intarsia knit pockets, I think, with a multicolored (purples and blues) yarn to be used as the background color.

I also came across this wonderful white fluffy yarn called Snowflake, which is a chunky sort of yarn. It's incredibly light. It think it could make a really good trim for Anya's Yule dress and coat, although I might combine it with something a little heavier.

Today, I'm tempted to go to another store to windowshop. It's so hard to stay in the office and work when so many yarns are just calling out there!
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